Full Body Health Packages?


What are the Tax Benefits on Full Body Health Packages?

In a world where health is wealth, taking care of your well-being is not just a wise investment in yourself but can also be a smart financial move. Full-body health packages offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare, promoting early detection and prevention of potential issues. These packages may not only benefit individuals’ health but also contribute to healthy savings and potential tax advantages. 


Taking advantage of full-body health package tax benefits can significantly reduce your tax burden. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act permits deductions for preventive health checkups from your taxable income, even if you don’t have a health insurance policy. 


List Of Options

What are full-body health packages? 

Full body health packages, also known as full body checkups, are a set of medical tests and screenings curated by doctors to assess the overall health and functioning of various organs and systems in the body.  The specific tests included in a full-body health package may vary, but they generally cover a wide range of health indicators. Here are some common components found in full-body health packages: 

  1. Complete Blood Count 
  2. Diabetes Test 
  3. Kidney Function Test 
  4. Liver Function Test 
  5. Lipid Profile Test 
  6. Vitamin Test 
  7. Thyroid Test 

Other specialized tests may also be suggested by doctors based on various factors. The price of the full body health package depends on the tests included in it. 

Benefits of Full Body Health Packages 

Regular full-body checkups offer several benefits: 

  1. Health Monitoring: Helps detect and manage diseases before symptoms appear. 
  1. Expense Prevention: Helps deal with conditions before they become serious, avoiding bigger medical expenses later. 
  1. Genetic Condition Management: Detects and manages inherited conditions. 
  1. Lifestyle Disease Management: Tracks insulin levels and organ function to prevent lifestyle diseases. 
  1. Early Diagnosis: Identifies signs of serious illnesses before they become life-threatening. 

What is Section 80D of the Income Tax Act? 

Section 80D of the Income Tax Act offers taxpayers the opportunity to receive tax benefits on full-body health packages. This provision allows for deductions on expenses incurred for preventive healthcare examinations, up to a specified limit. Specifically, individuals can claim tax deductions up to Rs 5,000 for preventive health checkups.  

These deductions apply not only to the taxpayer but also to their spouse, children, and dependent parents. It’s important to note that these deductions are applicable regardless of whether the payment for the preventive health checkups is made in cash or through other means. 

How can full-body health checkups help save on taxes? 

Including preventive health packages in financial planning can offer substantial tax advantages. A top-notch tax-saving strategy should undoubtedly encompass a comprehensive health package. This approach allows individuals to take a proactive stance towards their health, simultaneously optimizing their savings. 

Saving Tax with Full Body Health Packages 

  1. Research: Look into different health packages, compare them, and you may choose to consult a doctor. Ensure that the packages are covered in preventive health checkups by going through the details on the website/app/patient service centres (walk-in-stores). 
  2. Budgeting: While the maximum deduction is Rs 5000 for preventive health packages, you may want to figure out how much you want to invest according to the package. 
  3. Record-Keeping: Keep track of all receipts and expenses related to the health package as proof to be submitted for easier tax deductions. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Health Packages

  1. Rushing In: Don’t buy a package without researching and comparing options. It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor.  
  2. Choosing Any Center: Always pick a NABL-accredited diagnostics center, like Dr Lal PathLabs, for health checkups, as they follow all the government standards.  
  3. Ignoring Terms and Conditions: Read all the details to avoid unexpected costs or limitations later. 

Taking care of individuals’ health through regular checkups not only helps to stay fit but can also save money on taxes. Just make sure to choose the right health package, stick to the budget, and keep records for tax purposes.

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