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Method: Enzymatic Colorimetric
Comment: For patients treated with UDCA, LC-MS/MS is the recommended method for monitoring response to therapy.
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Report: Sample Mon through Sat by 4 pm; Report Same day
Usage: Total bile acids are metabolized in the liver and can serve as a marker for normal liver function. Increases in serum bile acids are seen in patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver sclerosis, liver cancer, and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. In Obstetric Cholestasis, concentrations greater than 15 μmol/L usually confirms the diagnosis in the absence of other hepatic disease. Bile acid concentrations greater than 40 μmol/L have been associated with increased fetal risk.
Doctor Specialty: Gynecologist, Physician
Disease: Disorders of Liver
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Pre Test Information: Overnight fasting is preferred. Recommended specimen for patient on UDCA treatment: Before morning dose