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Method: Spectrophotometry, Hexokinase, Indirect ISE
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Report: Daily
Usage: Kidney function tests (KFT) are usually ordered when a patient has risk factors for kidney dysfunction such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, elevated cholesterol or a family history of kidney disease. It may also be ordered when someone has signs and symptoms of kidney disease, though in early stage often no noticeable symptoms are observed. Kidney panel is useful for general health screening; screening patients at risk of developing kidney disease; management of patients with known kidney disease.
Doctor Specialty: Nephrologist
Disease: Disorders of Kidney
Components: *Urea *Creatinine *Uric Acid *Protein Total *Albumin *A:G Ratio *Alkaline Phosphatase *Calcium *Phosphorus *Electrolytes, serum *Bicarbonate *Glucose R
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Pre Test Information: No special preparation required

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