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Room Refrigerated Frozen
NA NA 90 days
Method: Chromatography
Price: 2050.00
Report: Sample should reach NRL by or before 10th of the same month. Report in 2-3 weeks
Usage: Vitamin K is required as a cofactor for the synthesis of Factors II, VII, IX & X and protein C & S. Deficiency leads to bleeding. Warfarin acts as an anticoagulant because it is a Vitamin K antagonist.
Doctor Specialty: Hematologist
Disease: Disorders of Coagulation
Courier Charges: 1700.00
Home Collection: Available
Department: OS
Pre Test Information: Wrap sample in aluminium foil to protect from light. Minimum 8 hours fasting is mandatory. Avoid eating liver or taking multivitamin supplements or Vitamin K 24 hours prior to sample collection.