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Method: Spectrophotometry
Comment: Also see FERRITIN.
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Usage: Serum iron, TIBC & Percent saturation are widely used for the diagnosis of Iron deficiency. This assay is useful for screening Chronic iron overload diseases particulary Hemochromatosis. Percent saturation is usually normal or increased in Iron deficiency, Pregnancy & intake of oral contraceptives. Low TIBC is seen in Chronic inflammatory conditions, Hemochromatosis & Malignancies. Serum ferritin is a more sensitive & reliable indicator of Iron deficiency.
Doctor Specialty: Physician
Disease: Anemia, Nutritional disorders
Components: *Serum Iron *Total Iron Binding Capacity *Transferrin Saturation
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: Overnight fasting & sampling before 12 noon is preferred. Avoid iron supplements for minimum 24 hours prior to specimen collection.

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