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Method: Electromechanical Clot Detection, Chromogenic, PCR, Immunoturbidimetry
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Usage: Thrombophilia evaluations are usually performed to assess the need to extend anticoagulation, hence testing should be performed in a steady state, remote from the acute event. Laboratory assays to detect thrombophilic states include highly sensitive and specific test like molecular diagnosis, immunologic and functional assays. Many coagulation factors and inhibitors are affected during acute thrombosis, acute illnesses, inflammatory conditions, pregnancy & certain medications. Antithrombin is decreased by heparin and acute thrombosis whereas protein C & S levels are increased during acute thrombosis, but decreased by Warfarin. Lupus anticoagulants are also associated with thromboembolic disease states.
Doctor Specialty: Hematologist
Disease: Disorders of Coagulation
Components: *Protein C, Functional *Protein S Antigen, Free *Antithrombin Activity Functional *Factor V Leiden Mutation *Prothrombin Gene Mutation *MTHFR Gene Mutation *Lupus anticoagulant
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: Overnight fasting is preferred.  It is recommended that patient discontinues Heparin for 1 day and Oral Anticoagulants for 7 days prior to sampling as these drugs may affect test results. Discontinuation should be with prior consent from the treating Physician.