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Method: LC-MS/MS
Price: 300.00
Report: Sample Mon / Thu by 9 am; Report Wed / Sat
Usage: Biosynthesis of active steroid hormones occurs in gonads, adrenal glands and other tissues. All these are synthesized by the enzymatic modification of cholesterol. Comprehensive assessment of steroidogenic biosynthetic pathway is useful to screen both common & rare forms of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and other syndromes of adrenal hyper / hypofunction. This kind of assessment facilitates evaluation of precursors / product ratios thereby increasing diagnostic discrimination of adrenal enzymatic disorders.
Doctor Specialty: Endocrinologist
Disease: Disorders of Adrenal Gland
Components: *Androstenedione *DHEA *DHEAS *17-α-Hydroxyprogesterone *Progesterone *Testosterone, Total *11-Deoxycorticosterone
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Home Collection: Available
Department: GENETIC
Pre Test Information: Diurnal variation present; sample will be taken between 8-10 am OR 4-6 pm.