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Method: LC-MS/MS
Price: 600
Report: daily
Usage: Amyloidosis is a group of hereditary and acquired diseases that are unified by extracellular tissue deposition of misfolded proteins resulting in end organ damage. Specific amyloid related diseases are associated with specific amyloid proteins. These include Kappa or Lambda light chains (AL amyloid), Transthyretin (ATTR amyloid), Serum amyloid A (SAA amyloid) & other less common subtypes. It is critical to identify the specific proteins that constitute the amyloid deposit because the treatment differs radically.
Doctor Specialty: Nephrologist
Disease: Amyloidosis
Components: *Amyloid protein 
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Home Collection: Not Available
Department: OS
Pre Test Information: Provide a copy of the Histopathology report, Site of biopsy and Clinical history. 

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