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Method: Hexokinase, CLIA, CMIA
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Report: Daily
Usage: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a clinical entity associated with enlarged ovaries, infertility, hirsutism, obesity and amenorrhoea. This syndrome is characterized by normal / low levels of FSH with elevated levels of LH & Testosterone. Females with PCOD have a greater frequency of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.
Doctor Specialty: Gynecologist
Disease: PCOD
Components: Tests included in this package(73 Tests)
Infertility(8 Tests)
                        17 oh progesterone
                       Anti mullerian hormone (amh)
                       Dhea – sulphate (dheas)
                       Follicle stimulating hormone (fsh)
                       Free testosterone
                      Luteinising hormone (lh)
                      Prolactin (prl)
                     Sex hormone binding globulin (shbg)
Liver(12 Tests)
Complete Hemogram(28 Tests)
Diabetes(6 Tests)
Average blood glucose (abg)
Fasting blood sugar(glucose)
Homa insulin resistance index
Insulin – fasting
Quantitative insulin sensitivity index
Renal(4 Tests)
Bun / sr.creatinine ratio
Blood urea nitrogen (bun)
Creatinine – serum
Uric acid
Lipid(10 Tests)
Steroid Hormone(1 Tests)
Dihydrotestosterone (dht)
Pregnancy(1 Tests)
Estradiol/oestrogen (e2)
Hormone(2 Tests)
Free androgen index
Thyroid(1 Tests)
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: Overnight fasting is mandatory. Collect specimen 4 hours after the patient has awakened.

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