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Method: Immunoturbidimetry, Hexokinase, HPLC, CMIA
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Usage: Indians are at very high risk of developing Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and usually get the disease at an early age, have a more severe form of the disease and have poorer outcome as compared to the western populations.This is due to high prevalence of Atherogenic dyslipidemia, central abdominal adiposity & increased transfats in our diet. Among the various risk factors for ASCVD such as dyslipidemia, Diabetes mellitus, sedentary lifestyle, Hypertension, smoking, genetic predisposition etc., dyslipidemia has the highest population attributable risk for MI. Hence monitoring lipid profile regularly for effective management of dyslipidemia remains one of the most important healthcare targets for prevention of ASCVD. This monitoring should start as early as 20 years of age. This test panel helps clinician to decide if therapy is required and what should be the treatment goal for you.
Doctor Specialty: Cardiologist, Physician
Disease: Heart diseases, Health check up
Components: *HbA1c *Lipid profile basic *Apolipoprotein B *Lipoprotein(a) * HsCRP *HsTroponin I,CPK ,CKMB,Homocysteine
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Pre Test Information: Minimum 8 hours fasting is mandatory.