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Method: CLIA
Comment: LC-MS/MS is the gold standard for steroid hormone assays due to increased sensitivity & specificity as compared to immunoassays. All applications that require measurement of very low level of estradiol like in men, children, post menopausal women, hypogonadal women, recommended test is Estradiol, Ultrasensitive.
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Report: Daily
Usage: This assay is useful for evaluating hypogonadism and oligomenorrhea in females. It assesses ovarian status including follicle development for in vitro fertilization. It evaluates feminization including Gynecomastia in males. This assay forms a part of the diagnosis and work up of precocious and delayed puberty in females. It is also useful in monitoring low dose female hormone replacement therapy in post menopausal women and for monitoring anti-estrogen therapy.
Doctor Specialty: Endocrinologist, Gynecologist
Disease: Disorders of Endocrine System
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