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Specimen: Submit 1 mL (0.5 mL min.) CSF in a sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE.
Room Refrigerated Frozen
2 hrs 48 hrs NA
Method: Film Array Multiplex PCR, LAMP
Price: 20800.00
Report: Sample Daily by 1pm; Report Same day
Usage: Biofire ME advantage panel broadens the scope of test by including detection of Tuberculosis by TB LAMP in addition to the Film Array. Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel is a qualitative multiplexed nucleic acid-based in vitro diagnostic test intended for use with FilmArray systems. The FilmArray ME Panel is capable of simultaneous detection and identification of multiple bacterial, viral and yeast nucleic acids directly from cerebrospinal fluid.
Doctor Specialty: Neurologist
Disease: Disorders of Central Nervous System
Components: *Biofire ME (Meningiencephalitis) panel, CSF *TB Lamp Qualitative DNA
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Home Collection: Not Available
Pre Test Information: No special preparation required