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Method: CMIA, Nephelometry, Jaffe’s reaction, Indirect ISE
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Usage: Acute kidney injury (AKI) is not a single disease but a heterogenous group of conditions that share common diagnostic features like increase in Blood urea nitrogen concentration and or increase in plasma or serum creatinine and reduction in urine volume. AKI can range in severity from asymptomatic with transient changes in laboratory parameters to overwhelming rapidly fatal derangements in effective circulating volume regulation and electrolyte and acid base balance. AKI is categorized as Pre-renal azotemia, Renal parenchymal disease and Post renal obstruction. AKI can also result from bites of snakes, spiders, caterpillars and bees; infectious causes like Malaria and Leptospirosis and Crush injuries.
Doctor Specialty: Nephrologist
Disease: Disorders of Kidney
Components: *Cystatin C *Neutrophil Gelatinase – Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) *Creatinine, serum *Fractional excretion of Sodium
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