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Aarogyam XL Pro with UTSH – As the name suggests its one of the biggest package on our menu consisting of 132 parameters that assesses overall health and wellbeing. It’s key feature is the inclusion of Steroid Profile for complete evaluation of 10 hormones including testosterone and progesterone in men and women, respectively. It evaluates liver, kidneys and thyroid health. It also measures lipids, sodium, chloride and iron levels using a blood sample. The package helps assess the health of the heart and pancreas and includes tests like CBC, diabetes detection, arthritis screening. It also measures the levels of 14 vitamins, elements and nutrients.



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Price: 8499.00
Report: Daily
Usage: Taking care of one’s health is extremely necessary in today’s busy and stress filled life. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle and bad dietary habits are resulting in lifestyle related problems. Full body health check-up helps in early detection of problems. With regular checks, one can manage problems (if any) effectively. Package includes all the important tests – Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine, Thyroid Profile, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function test, Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Hemogram, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, HsCRP & APO A1 & B, Amylase and Iron Studies.
Doctor Specialty: Physician
Disease: Health Check Up
Components: Iron Deficiency(5 Tests)
Liver(13 Tests)
Complete Hemogram(28 Tests)
Diabetes(5 Tests)
Arthritis(2 Tests)
Hematology(1 Tests)
Pancreatic(2 Tests)
Steroid(10 Tests)
Cardiac Risk Markers(7 Tests)
Renal(8 Tests)
Toxic Elements(22 Tests)
Electrolytes(2 Tests)
Lipid(10 Tests)
Vitamin(14 Tests)
Metabolic(1 Tests)
Elements(2 Tests)
Thyroid(3 Tests)
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: 8 hours fasting is mandatory.

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