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Method: See individual assays
Price: 6999.00
Report: Daily
Usage: One of the biggest packages on our menu, this package contains 122 parameters, evaluates detailed along with preventive care, then Aarogyam X Pro with UTSH is the package for you with a good profit margin. Along with 122 parameters, it estimates levels of 14 vitamins (vitamin B complex and fat soluble vitamins) using highly specialized LC-MS technology. It also helps assess the health and functioning of vital organs. via CBC, diabetes screening, essential and toxic elements, and enzymes. This comprehensive package is ideal for people of all ages.
Doctor Specialty: Physician
Disease: Health Check Up
Components: Iron Deficiency(5 Tests)
Liver(13 Tests)
Complete Hemogram(28 Tests)
Diabetes(5 Tests)
Arthritis(2 Tests)
Pancreatic(2 Tests)
Cardiac Risk Markers(7 Tests)
Renal(8 Tests)
Toxic Elements(22 Tests)
Electrolytes(2 Tests)
Lipid(10 Tests)
Vitamins(14 Tests)
Metabolic(1 Tests)
Elements(2 Tests)
Thyroid(3 Tests)
Hormone(1 Tests)
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: 12 Hour Fasting Mandatory