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AAROGYAM C PRO INCLUDING CRM WITH UTSH is our best-selling health checkup package containing 69 parameters . The highlight of this package is inclusion of Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 at extremely affordable cost making it the most popular package on our menu containing all crucial tests like thyroid, liver, lipid, kidney, diabetes, iron deficiency, CBC along with vitamins, electroloytes & cardiac risk markers test yet extremely pocket friendly. The best all- round package that helps identify health issues early and allow timely treatment.



Method: See individual assays
Price: 1600.00
Report: Daily
Usage: Aarogyam D Pro with UTSH is a unique 83-parameter package that offers full-body health checkups at affordable rates. In addition to standard parameters that cover all vital organs, it includes Cardiac Risk Markers, Homocysteine and Pancreatic profile. It includes CBC, Diabetes profile and analyses testosterone, vitamin D and 12, and essential elements. Its highly recommended value-for-money package that ensures faster turnaround time for timely treatment.
Doctor Specialty: Physician
Disease: Health Check Up
Components: Tests included in this package(76 Tests)
Iron Deficiency(4 Tests)
Liver(12 Tests)
Complete Hemogram(28 Tests)
Diabetes(2 Tests)
Cardiac Risk Markers(5 Tests)
Renal(7 Tests)
Electrolytes(2 Tests)
Lipid(10 Tests)
Thyroid(3 Tests)
Hormone(1 Tests)
Vitamins(2 Tests)
Courier Charges:
Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: 12 Hour Fasting Mandatory